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Quick Colophon

Tips and tricks from the community of bloggers are helpful, so here are mine for the moment.

Obviously, I publish on here, but also worth noting I maintain a typepad blog here. Those are my publishing tools, they work fine for me, I haven’t so far felt compelled to run a full stack of blogging software on my own. Yet. I prefer in some ways the simplicity and stability of wordpress, but typepad has a some additional flexibilty (in terms of putting little html nuggets into sidebars, that’s fun) and so I’ll continue to use and experiment with both, from time to time.

As far as html nuggets, there are a few I like. The badges on my typepad blog; I think they provide a great clue as to how we’ll use services like that to build out our digital identities on the net, in our blogs and through services like MySpace (post coming on that shortly). I also like the idea of chatango and flickr badges, but confess I don’t really use either very much.

Most importantly, my writing tool. I type these words on the Performancing Firefox extension. I really like it as a tool, I’ve played with ecto, but in the end this works fine and its free.