Thank You Mr. President

There’s been a lot of screeching about Obama the past month. From the Left — “he’s a sellout” or “a corporate tool.” And from the right — “socialist” and “soft on terror” and the usual epithets conservatives reserve for people they think are liberal.

I’ve got a lot more to write about this at some point, but wanted to say now just this: all these critics just look so small and pathetic and puny compared to Obama. Especially on a day like today, where he mans up, accepts responsibility for various failures in the government, and focuses on what’s to be learned (rathern than who is to be blamed).

Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God that he’s our President. What a relief after the last 40 years.


Election Night in 10 Minutes

Great recap video from the Jed Report.
Along with my 12 year old Zach, I was on the ground at Grant Park after a long four days of canvassing and campaigning in Ohio. So I missed so much of this. This was a nice, quick way to see how it played out on TV up until Obama spoke.
One note for history. The largest cheer of the night at Grant Park was when CNN called Virginia for Obama. The crowd went nuts then, as that was the sign it would be a big victory and not a squeaker.

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